Diaries of a mad “Techballer”

Everyone has a dream.  Whether or not its attainable depends on a combination of hard work, God’s plan, luck, and support from others.  You can’t do it alone.  You aren’t supposed to.  We aren’t designed that way.  That feeling we get when others love and support us?  That’s the food that fuels our soul.  That feeling we get when we love and support others?  Same thing.  It acts as the catalyst that launches us into growth, achievement, and the ability to conquer more and more dreams in our life.  

Don’t be scared.  Don’t be scared.  Don’t be scared.  Don’t accept failure as failing, but as one step closer to the dreams you have.  Don’t hold others to unattainable standards.  They- are overtaken by their fears.  Ask yourself what you can do to help them.  Love and support them- give them the fuel they need to feed their soul with.  It will help them attain their dreams.  In the end remember one thing-

Always LOVE hard.  It’s the only thing that matters.

NOTE- I am not always this “EMO”.  I wrote this a month ago and didn’t publish, maybe out of fear.  I made a promise to myself to go ALL IN.  Well- this is part of me.  PEACE- Mike

Team Frendorsed: "Get Back to where you once belonged."


I heard @Garyvee say the other day that if we want to see what the future holds, we need to look to the past. I know this not a new idea. But I have never really stopped to think about it until he said it. Have you?

I think with the internet blowing up in the last 15 years, we all got really…

SXSW REVIEW- Frendorsed

This past weekend we took Team Frendorsed down to Austin, Texas to compete in a “Tech-Baller” 3 on 3 basketball tourney that was hosted by another Temecula based start-up called Appstack.  I will save you the suspense- We won the tournament!

There were 32 teams entered in the tournament- companies like 500 Startups,  ESPN, Citrix, Twilio, Mososh, Prolific, Insight Pool, Appstack, and many others.  Our goal and mission was simple- WIN THE TOURNAMENT.

We got off easy in the first round- our opponent “no-showed”.  We advanced. But after that, we played, and beat everyone.  There were a couple close games, especially the championship game.  If you really want a recap of the play by play, we tweeted it here: https://twitter.com/teamfrendorsed 

We took our friend and newly named “Director of Partnerships” Billy Thompson with us because we knew that only he could handle the duties of fetching snacks and scorekeeping!  Well done Billy.  

The team met lots of great new friends and had a blast!  We cant wait to do it again next year!  5 days later, my knees are still swollen, but I think I’m ok (maybe).  

Frendorsed presents Real People Profiles Ep.2

So I host this podcast that our startup Frendorsed sponsors.  It’s a show that spotlights people in their communities who make a difference.  Not like “elected” politicians or anything, but business owners, service providers, real leaders in the trenches everyday.  I am pretty stoked on it because its evidence that people really do care about helping other people and being a positive force for real change and improvement.  

I met Jeff White somewhere in the late ’90s.  We shared mutual friends and my brother-in-law worked for him.  Actually, I worked for him at one point too.  You see, growing up in Paso Robles everyone knows each other, and works for each other one time or another.  There really wasn’t much choice when I was there.

Jeff is one of those guys that wears his heart on his sleeve.  He is genuine, emotional, extremely intelligent, and intense.  He is exactly what great leaders are.  And it’s evident in his work.  He demands the very best from his staff- from the busers and wait staff- to the kitchen and the bar, his restaurant is top notch.  It is a mandatory stop when I am in Paso Robles.  

If you are ever in Paso- stop at Sancho’s On Spring!  The house margarita’s are as good as it gets, and the food is incredible.  

Congratulations Jeff, on making a huge difference in the lives around you brother!  You are amazing!  GO IRISH!

I love Mondays!!!

Seriously- how can you have a bad Monday when THIS is on????

Big Brady, Little China

OK so pretty lame title I know.  I was trying to come up with something that summarized my week with our 2 Chinese students.  It turns out- Americans eat, A LOT.  And Chinese kids don’t know who Keith Moon was.

Coach purses are made in China.  They buy them here, to save money.  I’m so confused.  But I was never good at economics.  Actually, I don’t remember taking it.  

David and Kevin are their American names.  These guys are 2 of the most amazing kids ever.  Neither one of them have any siblings, yet they jumped right in to our family and embraced our kids with no issues.  They could be lying, but both said they don’t want to go home.  Actually I never want to leave when I am on vacation either.  They come from a “meduim” sized city of 6.5 million people.  Dalian.  

Things are different in China (obviously).  They only eat when they are hungry.  Weird right??  They go to school from 7am to 5pm, and do homework until midnight.  No Facebook, or Youtube.  So basically, they have been on Youtube any chance they get while visiting.

Oh- I have to remember to show them “charlie bit my finger” and  the “evolution of dance”

They love to play basketball too.  They signed me up for the Chinese version of Facebook called QQ2012.  I have a profile, but, I can’t communicate with anyone on there.  I might be the most popular American on it. 

We are going to miss Kevin and David quite a bit.  I am going to be sending them off with a ton of “American” music which is basically a bunch of British music.  Any suggestions on what I should include???  

Technology is making us dumber… or smarter???

It’s 2013 and we can’t figure out things like how an ink cartridge can last longer than a month, but we can do things like this!!!

So this is NOT really related to being a resource for a small business, but then again- maybe it is!  Everyone who knows me knows that I love music- everything about it!  So this is a MUSIC “resource” post!

We all have music that we listen to and love and maybe a band or 2-10 that we follow and fall in love with right?  If you haven’t heard of Bandsintown it’s an app that notifies you when your favorite bands are close to you touring.  Pretty great right?  Well now they partnered with Spotify so when you are listening to a song you like, it tells you when that band will be close to you.  

Technology is wild.  My take is that the more technology helps us do tasks like this, the more it frees our time and energy up to focus on stuff that really matters like going out and being amazing and making a difference in the world.  

What do you think?


It’s all about a monster burrito from Freebird’s on Saturdays.

It’s all about a monster burrito from Freebird’s on Saturdays.

It’s too late for probably most people and that’s my fault. I view this situation as one big lie I repeated a lot of times.
Seriously love Fridays

OK so what did we learn this week???  Lance did/ (does?) drugs, Manti Te’o likes girls that don’t exist, Facebook controls our worlds, and the Lakers STILL suck (unfortunately).  

The weather will be nice in SoCal this weekend so THAT’S good!  I uploaded a bunch of new (old) music to my iphone so I can cruise to it.  Beatles- Revolver, Rubber Soul.  Nelly- Country Grammar.  Neil Young- Harvest Moon.  Swedish House Mafia-Miami 2 Ibiza.  The Mowgli’s original first record- Sound The Drum, and some others that I would rather not mention.  

We are going on 6 months into our tech startup Frendorsed.  For those who don’t know- it’s gonna revolutionize how people share, recommend, and find services they need.  This thing is getting so much bigger than any of us could have dreamed of.  We are all learning a TON, and making some great friends along the way!  I can’t wait to see how the year shakes out!

Other News- My band The Connection is “firming up” some summer dates!!! Stay tuned for that!  Oh- and our video for Wagon Wheel (youtube search “The Connection Wagon Wheel”) passed 5000 hits! If I am not mistaken- that puts us barely behind “Gangnam Style”

Finally- I leave you with this- My wife is a blessing to me and I am glad to have her home safe from Haiti!  And we are blessed to have 2 beautiful healthy kids who are AMAZING.  

Life is short!  Love HARD!